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This little light dancer.  She moves and plays with the heart of an early explorer.  So much determination to move and discover new things.

When a child is asked to dance have you noticed they don’t hold anything back?

 She twirled and spun with no reservations and the light just played along, doing its own little dance on the crown of her head.

I’m was on my toes too, moving and doing my own little dance to keep up with all a family session like this offers.

These images will be enjoyed even more with perspective, and time. They’re a treasure!

  It’s pure joy to capture heart smiles and giggles like these for my clients.  Their trust makes my heart burst with gratitude.

Kim Wiberg

Kim Wiberg

I'm a wedding, family, and senior photographer based in Kennewick, WA.


I’m so happy you’ve stopped in this space.  Thank you!!

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Featured in TAYLORED LIVING magazine Summer & Autumn 2018

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