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Wow! This girl.  She is beautiful, and sweet with a touch of shyness, and it was an absolute treat to meet her!  Her mom hired me to do her makeup as well as her pictures.  She also took my camera class. I am so honored that they trusted me!

Bringing out her natural beauty and helping her shine is the thing I dreamed about for my business goals and what I really love doing.   I was a little afraid to offer makeup with my Senior sessions, but now I’m never going back.  I normally spend anywhere from 30 min to an hour on makeup and it gives us a chance to get rid of some of that nervousness we both feel before the shoot. 

Kim Wiberg

Kim Wiberg

I'm a wedding, family, and senior photographer based in Kennewick, WA.


I’m so happy you’ve stopped in this space.  Thank you!!

You’ll learn more about my sessions, tips and tricks, and hopefully, be inspired to live a happier life!

Featured in TAYLORED LIVING magazine Summer & Autumn 2018

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